Commercial Dog Waste Removal

Commercial Scooping Service

X Turdinators has helped communities be free from the nuisance and hazard of dog poop. Dog waste is more than just a bother, it’s a threat to our health and pets. Pet waste contains bacteria and parasites combined with other organic matter. Our technician will come to your commercial property or business and prepare a customized quote that will meet your needs and most importantly, your budget.

  • X Turdinators offers pet waste cleanup services for residential and all types of commercial properties.
  • We can keep your property clean and sanitary, so you can maintain a professional appearance and keep tenants or clients happy!
  • An X Turdinator will come to your commercial property or place of business and access the area and give you a personalized quote.
  • We will then scoop the poop, so your property will be free and clear of poop for your customers to enjoy.
  • We are Fully- Insured


Reasons to Scoop Your Poop
  • Prevents rodents such as Rats and Mice thinking “Mi Casa Su Casa” (my home is your home).
  • Poop contains many parasites and pathogens such as hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms.
  • Left over pet waste creates Nitrogen then seeps into the ground after rainstorms and makes it way to the drainage pipes.
  • Prevents dog poop from being tracked indoors by you, children, friends, and Fluffy the dog.
  • Attracts flies that then FEED on it, and then land on your yummy “perfectly grilled burger”.
  • Provides a clean sanitary place for family, friends, and your pets.
Benefits of our Service
  • You get to enjoy that gentle breeze again on that beautiful night
  • No more playing “hopscoth” attempting to reach your grill.
  • No more playing “rock paper scissors” when deciding who is going to pick up the poop.
  • You may have some physical limitations and not able to.
  • Enjoy more quality time with friends.
Commercial Properties

Commercial Properties

Dog Poop is one of the biggest problems that commercial property managers must deal with. We clean for apartments, condos, townhouses, and HOA’s. Contact Us, we can help!

We can keep your property clean and sanitary, so you can maintain a professional appearance and keep tenants or clients happy!

Vets – They are there to help your animals not pick up after them.

We keep your property clean as often as you feel necessary. Weekly or Twice Weekly.

Housing  – Tired of tenants calling and complaining of un-scooped poop?  We can come on a regular schedule or just as needed if the problem is not that bad. We will inform you on  where the problem areas are so you can better deal with the offending tenants.

Parks – Finding more un-scooped poop than you thought? Not sure how to deal with it? We can help with a schedule that meets your needs. The dogs came for a good time, or maybe a play date . They  don’t need  a trip to the vet because they picked up a disease from stepping in un-scooped poop.

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