Residential Pet Waste Removal

Poop Scooping Service
  • We come to your home once/twice a week and scoop poop.
  • Safety is a huge priority. We close the gate immediately after we enter and after we leave. We then shake it to make sure.
  • We double bag the poop and leave it in your receptacle.
  • We disinfect our tools and shoes immediately when we are done, so there is no “cross contamination” between yards.
  • We wear professional uniforms as well as marked vehicle, so you know it’s us.
Reasons to Scoop Your Poop
  • Prevents rodents such as Rats and Mice thinking “Mi Casa Su Casa” (my home is your home).
  • Poop contains many parasites and pathogens such as hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms.
  • Left over pet waste creates Nitrogen then seeps into the ground after rainstorms and makes it way to the drainage pipes.
  • Prevents dog poop from being tracked indoors by you, children, friends, and Fluffy the dog.
  • Attracts flies that then FEED on it, and then land on your yummy “perfectly grilled burger”.
  • Provides a clean sanitary place for family, friends, and your pets.
Benefits of our Service
  • You get to enjoy that gentle breeze again on that beautiful night
  • No more playing “hopscoth” attempting to reach your grill.
  • No more playing “rock paper scissors” when deciding who is going to pick up the poop.
  • You may have some physical limitations and not able to.
  • Enjoy more quality time with friends.

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