Frequently Asked Questions


X Turdinators will bill you  on the 15th of every month. Payment will be is due at the end of the month. There will be an added $5 late fee for every day that is not paid upon receipt. We will accept cash, check, and paypal.

Absolutely, it can easily be arranged.

We do not work the following days:

  • New Year Eve/New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day/Black Friday
  • Christmas Eve/Christmas Day
  • Closed Weekends

We double bag the dog waste and dispose of it in your trash receptacle.

Yes, since employees are not allowed to climb or jump over fences, please have your gate unlocked.

Absolutely! We enjoy seeing the dogs when we  arrive.  As long as your fur-baby is not aggressive .  However, if your dog is not comfortable with strangers, or will not allow us to clean your yard, we ask  that they go inside. We want to make sure  our employees stay safe at all times.

It will be difficult  if your yard has not been mowed or has lots  of leaves. We will try our best under these conditions.

No , you can  stop or start your service at anytime. We just ask that you finish out the month for ease of billing services, unless you feel our service was truly not all we promised.

Absolutely! In order not to spread  infectious disease. We  sanitize all equipment  before and after each visit with bleach and spray with Parvosol which vets use to disinfect.

If your dog will not be using the yard during that time, we can postpone service and you  will not be charged for those days. Please be aware, that if your pet is still using the yard, rates stay the same.

We’ll work in most weather. Unfortunately, if it very heavy rain, lightning, flooding, frigid  temperatures, sleet, snow (As little  as 1 inch) will make it difficult to locate poops. We will do our best to make up the work later that week, but if we can’t, we will return on the next scheduled day. Your monthly rate will stay the same due to the fact that we’ll  be collecting double the amount of waste on the next scheduled visit.

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