X Turdinators

About US

X Turdinators is a locally run business in Manchester, NH. We are a year-round dog waste removal service.​

Our service is ideal for families, doggy daycares, singles, apartment complexes, and more.

X Turdinators understands that your pet(s) not only need a nutritious diet, exercise, but a safe bacteria free yard to play in. If your dog is poopin, we come a scoopin!

When you hire X Turdinators, you and your dog(s) will experience “piece of mind” knowing that your yard is safe to enjoy.


Our Mission

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X Turdinators Dog Waste Removal, we are looking forward to offering superb, dependable , and affordable poop scooping service to residential and commercial communities. If “you’re not happy we’re not happy!”

We know that your pets are part of the family and there is that unshakable bond that we form with them. Being a dog owner myself, we know that there is the dreaded chore of picking up “stinky poop”. Sometimes, life gets busy or you’re just too “pooped” to even think about it. That’s when you call the X Turdinators and we will ELIMINATE that problem.

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